Finca El Cocal


  • Country: El Salvador (Apaneca-Ilamatepec)
  • Processing: Anaerobic Natural
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Altitude: 1325 MASL
  • Farmer: Agricola San Agustin
  • Roast: 105 agtron (very light)
  • Tasting notes: Strawberry, dark chocolate, cinnamon and molasses
  • Size: 8oz /227 grams

This Geisha Anaerobic Natural lot from the Alfaro family at Finca El Cocal emphasizes the sweetness of well-cultivated Geisha. In the cup, this lot is bursting with berries, dark chocolate and lot of sweetness.

The Alfaro family are 4th generation coffee producers. They own Agricola San Agustin and are focused on producing high quality specialty coffee at Finca El Cocal.


The region’s volcanic soil, high elevation and ideal microclimate combine to create superb conditions for growing dense, sweet cherry. The Alfaro family capitalizes on these condition by focusing on meticulous, quality-oriented processing.

In addition to the highly coveted Geisha in this lot, they cultivate Red and Yellow Bourbon on the farm.

Harvest & Post-Harvest

Ripe, red cherry is selectively handpicked and brought to Beneficio El Carmen for processing. At intake, cherry is placed in airtight containers where it ferments anaerobically for 168 hours. Different microbial activity takes place in this oxygenless environment, creating unique flavors.

Following fermentation, cherry is dried on raised beds. Cherry is turned frequently to ensure even drying. It takes an average of 28 to 30 days for cherry to dry.

Coffee in El Salvador

Don’t be fooled by El Salvador’s small size. It was once the 4th largest coffee producer worldwide and continues to produce high quality lots. The country is known for its great cupping varieties, such as Bourbon and Pacamara. In fact, two beloved, frequently high-scoring varieties—Pacas and Pacamara— originated in El Salvador.

Unlike other countries, where specialty coffee production has required a great deal of additional investment and training, El Salvador already has a broad and skilled specialty coffee workforce. Farming traditions run deep, and many Salvadorian farmers are extremely passionate about coffee production and continuously strive to improve their crop. El Salvador has optimal conditions for coffee processing. The prolonged dry season typically occurs during the harvest season, making it easier to sun dry coffee.

Though coffee output in the country has been declining for over two decades – exacerbated by the CLR crisis – the approach to coffee production has changed from volume- to quality-driven. A new generation of coffee producers has sprouted around the country with a new vision and approach to production. Many of this generation are experimenting with processing and varietals.

50-50 Program

This coffee is sourced in partnership with Sucafina.

The “50-50” label is ROAST’s signature branded coffee that guarantees the farmers 50% of the retail price. The “50-50” label raises the bar for sustainability guaranteeing the farmers 50% of the retail price*.

* After sales taxes and duties. All costs in the origin country and transportation costs to the roastery (including taxes, duties, commissions etc.) are covered by the farmers. Smaller parts of the farmer payments may be given as donations to projects and organisations to help educate farmers etc.