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Join ROAST Coffee in our vision of creating a complete coffee experience – from the best coffee farms to a cup of excellence. Let’s connect to discuss how we can make coffee how it should be!

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Together, we can make coffee how it should be

Together, we can help you in every step of your coffee business, from choosing the right equipment and training staff to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

You are always welcome to visit our roastery at Vestammagade 4, Copenhagen

We don’t sell equipment, so we don’t have any interest other than guiding you in buying the right equipment for your business at the best price. We can often get you a discount when you need new brewing equipment.

We would love to help train your staff how to brew the perfect coffee and clean and maintain equipment. We also offer sensory training and courses in deeper theoretical understanding of coffee.

Please reach out to hear more about what we can offer your business.

The coffee

We offer the same coffee to our business customers that we use in our own coffee shops.

We continually source new coffees and experiment with roast profiles, etc. We change our espresso blend three to four times a year according to the season. We strive to add a unique variation to the blend each time, making sure that the experience stays fresh and interesting. However, we always make sure to keep a round, soft and rich profile.

Environmental and financial sustainability are more than just certificates to us. We are always more than happy to share the background of the coffee and how much we pay the farmers with you. We always pay more than the minimum Fair Trade price for our beans, and for our 50-50 coffees, we pay more than 700% of the minimum Fair Trade price.

Please contact us for more information.

Get your own in-house coffee bar

For large and medium-size companies (+50 employees), we offer to set up for free a fully automatic ROAST Coffee Bar in your building.

With the ROAST Coffee Bar, we put our name on the line, bringing our coffee, knowledge and experience to your company so that your staff can enjoy the same high quality they would in our own coffee shops.

The ROAST Coffee Bar can either be delivered as a completeplug ‘n play coffee bar or integrated into your settings.

We take complete responsibility for the bar, ensuring that your staff and guests can get the perfect cup of coffee every time, every day. There’s absolutely nothing for you to worry about. You no longer have to spend staff time and money on malfunctioning coffee machines that simply can’t meet the quantity and quality requirements of your employees.

In addition, there is no down payment. No long-term binding period. No hidden costs. You only pay an all-inclusive price per cup (as low as DKK 4.95).

Andreas Astrup (far right) and the rest of the ROAST Coffee Team.

For more information on the ROAST Coffee Bar or anything else, please use this form or contact CEO and Founder of ROAST Coffee, Andreas Astrup, at andreas@roast.com or +45 7071 3141.

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