Brewing Guide : Coffee Maker

Unfortunately, many home brewers are unable to quickly reach an ideal brewing temperature and/or keep it constant throughout the entire brew, resulting in a bitter or weak under-extracted coffee.

Therefore, the most important step before buying an automatic coffee maker is to research and verify that it is able to constantly brew at between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90–96 Celsius).

The rest is easy.

Step 1: Grind

Select your favorite whole bean coffee and grind it to a medium course ground (about as fine as sand) and pour it into the filter.

Ground coffee

We recommend a 1:16 ratio between coffee and water. So, for 16 oz water, you should use 1 oz ground coffee (or 30 grams of coffee for 480 ml. water) to brew 2–3 cups of coffee. But you should experiment and find the ratio you like best.

If possible, always grind the beans just before brewing to retain aroma and taste.

Step 2: Start the Machine

After pouring the right amount of water into the machine, it is as simple as pressing start and the coffee is made.

Coffee Maker

Please note that water quality has a great influence on the finished brewed coffee, and you should experiment with different kinds of bottled water or a filter if your tap water is not good or imparts a strong odor or taste, such as chlorine.

Step 3: Serve

Never let the coffee sit on the warming plate – it will burn the coffee and make it bitter – instead, pour yourself a cup and enjoy.

Read about the coffee you are drinking and see if you agree with the description and can recognize some of the tastes. Or simply enjoy your brew and send a kind thought to the farmer who made this possible.

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