The SCA Coffee Skills Program

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is a non-profit association that operates on a membership basis with the goal of enhancing coffee quality on a global scale. As part of their mission, the SCA provides approved training programs for coffee professionals. These programs, facilitated by Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) across the world, are overseen and conducted by the SCA.

SCA Accredited Exams

At the conclusion of our SCA courses, we facilitate a formal examination process. The examination consists of a written component for Introduction to Coffee and both a practical and a written exam for Sensory

The SCA Course Enrollment Fee and becoming a Learner

The SCA has implemented a Course Enrollment Fee for each individual participating in a course. The fee amounts to 25 Euros for Introduction to Coffee and 50 Euros for all other courses. Students are required to directly pay this fee to the SCA.

Please note that the Course Enrollment Fee charged by the SCA is separate from the course price mentioned on our website. Students must register as a Learner with the SCA and pay the fee before their designated course date.

More Information

For additional details regarding the SCA and the Coffee Skills Program, kindly visit the SCA website:

If you wish to enroll in an SCA course and obtain certification, please contact us at