Pour Over

Brewing Guide : Pour Over

Step 1 : Rinse Filter

Place a filter in your dripper and rinse it by pouring boiling water through it into the cup or coffee pot. Pour all remaining water out.

Pour Over

The rinsing removes undesired flavors from the filter and has the advantage of warming the cup/pot before brewing.

Step 2 : Grind

Select the coffee bean you want to enjoy and grind it to a medium-fine grind (about as fine as table salt) and measure it into the filter.

Ground coffee

For pour-over brewing, we recommend a 1:16 ratio between coffee and water. So, for 1 gram of coffee, you use 16 ml of water. Ideally, use 14 grams to 224 ml of water to brew a single cup of coffee. But you should experiment and find the ratio you like best.

If possible, always grind the beans just before brewing to avoid loss of aroma and taste.

Step 3 : Pour Water

When your water comes to a boil, take it off the heat and let it rest for about 20–30 seconds for the temperature to drop to 92 – 96 Celcius  (195–205 degrees F). Colder water will result in flat, under-extracted coffee, while water that is too hot will result in bitter and over-extracted coffee.

Start by pouring just enough water to saturate the grounds and let it “bloom” for approx. 30-45 seconds. We recommend 3x the amount of coffee used. This is to let the coffee release CO2 to make room for water for better extraction. This is also a perfect moment to smell all the coffee’s amazing aromas.

Pour over kettle

Next, within approx. 1 minute, pour the rest of the water over the coffee in a circular motion, avoiding the sides/edges. Let all the water drip through and your coffee is ready.

The total brewing time should be 2–4 minutes for a single cup of coffee. If your cup fills in less than 2 minutes or tastes weak, adjust the grinder to produce finer grind particle sizes. If it takes more than 4 minutes or tastes too bitter, make the grind coarser.

Please also note that water quality has a great influence on the finished brewed coffee, and you should experiment with different kinds of bottled water if your tap water is not good or imparts a strong odor or taste, such as chlorine.

Step 4 : Serve

The most important step: pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Read about the coffee you are drinking and see if you agree with the description and can recognize some of the flavour notes. Or simply enjoy your brew and send a kind thought to the farmer who made this possible.


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