Santa Rosa

An amazing natural processed coffee which placed 15 in the 2020 Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence competition. 

The coffee is part of our 50-50 project, guaranteeing the farmer 50% of the retail price.


Quick Facts

Country: Nicaragua (Nueva Segovia)
Farmer: Rolando Castillo Flores
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1650 metres above sea level

Tasting notes:

Cherry, nectarine & honey
Roast: Light | Medium | Dark

Brewing method:

Brews especially well as pour over (for example V60 or Chemex)

More About
Santa Rosa

“As a coffee producer I fight against adversities, knocking down obstacles, going down bad roads, selling at low prices, having labor shortages, expensive inputs and lack of financing. And in the end, when we overcome all difficulties, we savor the accomplishments. Always with a cup of coffee in my hand.”

Rolando Castillo Flores hard work has paid off and his coffee was awarded Cup of Excellence and is among the absolute top coffees from Nicaragua.