Finca El Paredon

An outstanding Cup of Excellence coffee from Mexico.

Celia Leticia Sosa Cortés got a hectare of coffee as a wedding gift from her uncle. Today her farm El Paredón has 5 hectares and has won a long list of awards for outstanding coffees. Read her story below.

This coffee is part of our 50-50 project, guaranteeing the farmer 50% of the retail price.


Quick Facts

Country: Mexico (Puebla)
Farmer: Celia Leticia Sosa Cortés
Varietal: Bourbón
Processing: Honey
Altitude: 1200 meters above sea level

Tasting notes:

Red grape, apricot & maple syrup
Roast: Light | Medium | Dark

Brewing method:

Brews especially well as pour over and in Chemex but can be brewed in all brew methods.

More About
Finca El Paredon

“I am Celia Leticia Sosa Cortés, I was born in Totutla, Huitzilan de Serdán, Puebla, daughter of Rafael Sosa and Celia Cortés. My parents worked the field growing coffee, corn and beans, and to date my mother has a bakery, so I grew up supporting the cultivation and bakery work.

On January 3, 2004, I married Carlos García Campillo and as a wedding gift my uncle Honorio Cortés López gave me one hectare of coffee.

Although life in the countryside is difficult, we think it would be very good for our children to be born and live their childhood in a beautiful and peaceful place, such as Totutla.

Considering that my husband also grew up in a coffee farm and knew the cultivation and management of the machinery used in coffee benefits, we decided to work together that hectare of coffee plantation that we were given. We started this life project with great enthusiasm, researching and putting into practice the knowledge acquired from generation to generation, to cultivate and benefit our coffee in the best way.

With my husband’s work in his workshop and the sale of our coffee, it was possible to save, and over the years we bought 4 hectares of coffee plantation with the Typica and Bourbon varieties, thus giving rise to the El Paredón farm of 5 hectares, adding the hectar They gave us. This farm is a plantation of contour curves to prevent erosion, we grow Typica and Bourbon varieties because they adapt to the microclimate and give good cup quality. We use ingas tree shade because they fix nitrogen and protect the crop from drought, frost or snowfall. We control the weed with machete, 4 or 5 times per crop cycle. We feed the coffee trees with fertilizers after a soil and compost analysis that we obtain from the organic waste of the benefit. We control the rust in an integral way, monitoring the disease and applying preventive products based on copper and Timorex Gold. We sow live barriers on steep slopes. In our farm there is diversity, because in an orderly manner there we sow citrus, banana and other plants that serve as food and even ornamental plants.

A lot of labor is used to work the farm, which is very important for us because we live with several families and have the opportunity to support them with a secure job all year round.

The harvest is a season of hard work, as it occurs during the rainy winter, the cherry is cut manually and only those that are ripe are cut. The weather and the amount of sugars in the cherry determine the process we are going to give the coffee. We use spring water to wash the cherries and remove those that float.

To make the Honey process coffee, we pulp it and then dehydrate in African beds, during this time we monitor the temperature and if necessary, we use shade mesh. When we reach 10.5% to 11% humidity, we proceed to pack it and place it in a warehouse where we monitor the temperature and humidity.

During the 2015-2016 cycle we decided to work the Honey process because it means taking actions aimed at the care and conservation of the environment.

The quality of our coffee from the El Paredón farm has led us to participate in different competitions obtaining the following results:

• Second place in the Latin American Summit of Quality Coffee held in 2013 with the Lavado process coffee.
• Eighteenth position in the Cup of Excellence Mexico 2017 contest with a Red Honey process coffee.
• Gold Cup in Cup Quality Contest with Honey process coffee this year.
• Seventeenth position in the Mexico Cup of Excellence 2019 with a Honey process coffee.

We work every day in order to publicize our product, as a specialty coffee that highlights all the natural wealth of our region.”