El Morito

Keep a close eye on this farmer! José Roberto Monterroso produces coffees of truly mind blowing quality on his Rio Dorado and El Morito farms. This year alone, his coffees occupied 3 top 10 ranks in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence selection!


Quick Facts

Country: Guatemala (Jalapa)
Farmer: José Roberto Monterroso
Varietal: Pache
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1400-2000 metres above sea level

Tasting notes:

Strawberry & dark chocolate

Brewing method:

Brews well in all brew methods, but especially well as a light espresso, on Aeropress or as pour-over.

More About
El Morito

Finca El Morito was the first coffee farm that Jose Roberto Monterroso acquired. He bought the land in 1994. Back then, it represented only 7 hectares. They planted the traditional varieties like Bourbon, Catuai and Pache. As time went on, the family learned more about producing coffee and various possibilities. They saw the biggest growth potential in producing high-quality coffee. To achieve this, they planted a couple of exotic varieties at El Morito.

These exotic coffees are the ones that have brought most fame to Finca El Morito in recent years. With their Geisha and Pacamara coffees, they please the most demanding specialty coffee tastebuds! Next to those exceptional microlots, they also produce high quality in slightly larger volumes.