Sao Francisco da Bela Vista

Sao Francisco da Bela Vista coffee is Brazilian coffee when it is best. The coffee has a classic profile, with soft acidity, yellow fruits, chocolate and a good body.



Quick Facts

Country: Brazil (Mantiquiera de Minas)
Farmer: Tarcízio Aldo Zugliani
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Processing: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1,100 metres above sea level

Tasting notes:

Milk chocolate & hazelnut

Brewing method:

Brews great in all brew methods, but especially well in French Press and for a light roasted single estate espresso. Fazenda Sao Francisco da Bela Vista is also the main part in our espresso blend.

More About
Sao Francisco da Bela Vista

Tarcízio Aldo Zugliani bought Fazenda Sao Francisco da Bela Vista, based in Mantiquiera de Minas, in 1993. Over the years, he has made big improvements to the infrastructure of the farm. He built coffee drying terraces and invested in better processing equipment and rotary dryers. They replanted the farm with young sprouts to increase productivity and quality. Through soil analysis, they redetermined specific coffee farming methods. Thanks to all these measures, the farm produces coffee with less impact on the environment.