A fantastic crispy and juicy Cup of Excellence winner from Colombia.

This coffee is part of our 50-50 project, guaranteeing the farmer 50% of the retail price.


Quick Facts

Country: Colombia (Hulia)
Farmer: Luis Arnobi Rodriguez Murcia
Varietal: Colombia
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1665-1700 metres above sea level

Tasting notes:

Redcurrant, caramel & vanilla
Roast: Light | Medium | Dark

Brewing method:

Brews especially well as pour over (for example V60 or Chemex)

More About

Luis Arnobi Rodriguez Murcia is a second-generation coffee farmer who has been surrounded by coffee plantations since he was 12 years old. He grew up with coffee, which has given him a deep knowledge and understanding of growing coffee. His 16-year-old son has also grown up surrounded by coffee plantations and supports his father in all coffee processes on the farm.

He always had good references about Cup of Excellence and the recognition that producers get which encouraged him to participate this year. As high-quality coffee grower, Luis Arnobi recommends good management of the plantation, consistency with the processing methods, good nutrition and fertilization. His desire is to keep improving his quality and get a coffee laboratory

The farm is located in the Hulia region, which is known for its high-quality coffee production.